Wednesday, September 23

The students started their day in French class. When they returned to class they were given some more time to work on their commercial for Fair Trade chocolate. We had two groups present their commercials with the rest happening on Friday. Read along was before recess. After recess, we played a game called pass the action. When we returned to class the students worked on setting a SMART goal until October 14th. (Gr. 4 =1 goal, 5=1 or 2 and 6=2 goals.) If you did not start writing then you at least need to come up with an idea for homework. (This goal should be school related.) After lunch, we started a world mapping unit using the atlas. Students could review the continents and world oceans so that they become more familiar with our world. We had a discussion about how circulatory problems was the number one leading cause of death in Canada and what we could do to change this trend (healthier eating, getting the 60 minutes a day of exercise.) We ended the day correcting yesterday’s math sheets and playing a round of Who Has the Biggest Number.


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