Tuesday, September 15

Reminder: Tomorrow is quarter day. Thursday is Open House: 6-7. Friday is the Terry Fox Run in the afternoon- rain or shine.

We started the day with Circle of Power and Respect. Today we did the Skittle activity. There were a lot of smiling faces after we finished that one. We then started to take a look at what the kids needs to do when they are leading current events. Today we read an article about the Syrian refugees from teachingkidsnews.com. We then answered the Who? What? When? Where? Why and How? for this article. Tomorrow we will look at another article and the kids will be responsible for completing the question sheet on their own. We then exchanged writing with our class buddies to read over our drafts about the Playdoh. Read along was before recess. After recess, we had finish up time to complete their desk name plates, borders, 14 Cows, Getting to Know You or the math assessment. Some students had all this complete and had an opportunity to explore the Maker Space. After lunch, the students received their agendas and then we had a brief discussion about he Code of Conduct and what makes a good buddy. We ended the day with Buddies. We read the story the Dot and then students created a drawing and sentence about something they have never done before but want to try. (It was International Dot Day!)

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