Thursday, September 10

Please remember to bring in your supplies tomorrow as we will organize our binders.

We started the day with Circle of Power and Respect (CPR.) Afterward we finished our “two truths and a lie.” Students then set out to fill out their “getting to know you forms.” If you could please have yours in as quickly as possible. Read aloud was before recess. We started a book called Wonderstruck by Brian Selznick. After recess, we talked about what means to be a good person. Please see photo below. The class rule for this year will be just that, “Be a Good Person.” We then talked about why we have fire drills and what they should be doing in the event of a fire drill. After lunch, we talked about the Wonderopolis website. I then talked about a wonder I’ve had about why maps are always north up. We also had an opportunity to look at a south-up map. Students will be keeping a “Wonder” journal this year. More information to follow. Prior to the end of the day, the students had the opportunity to work on borders for the bulletin boards that will display kids’ work in the room.  (More time for this tomorrow.) We ended the day outside for playground practice.



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