Monday, June 8

We started the morning talking about the three parts of the brain. (Cerebrum, cerebellum, and the brain stem.) I then introduced the short and snappy on the nervous system.  (Due: June 17) Students then had time to work on their faces for their skeletons and/or their novel study. The journal entries are due on Friday, students should also be 3/4 of the way through their novel.  They also received the two names of the students that they will be doing encouragement speeches for to end the year. (They voted on this in class meeting.) These will be due on Tuesday, June 23. The day of our class BBQ, no lunch will be required on this day. Read aloud was before recess. After recess, students had time to research their aboriginal government assignment or their new short and snappy. After lunch, some students continued to work on their critical thinking math while others received some individual sheets on areas that they had requested additional help with. The grade sixes also worked with PEDMAS. We ended the day in the gym playing basketball.


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