Thursday, April 2

Happy Easter! Have a safe and fun weekend!

DPA and CPR started our day today. I then talked with the students about appropriate use of technology. We have had some students that are searching for inappropriate things and making changes to the ipads. Students have now been assigned a number associated with the technology. It is extremely disappointing. We then started to share our poetry but were interrupted by our class photo. We finished sharing our poetry when we returned to class. Read aloud was before recess. After recess, the students had time to work on either their socials or science. We discussed the importance of doing research during the many hours of time that the students are given to do their work. After lunch, the grade fours worked on tenths and hundredths, the fives on equivalence between fractions and decimals and the sixes with fractions, decimals and percents. They ended the day in French class.


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