Monday, March 23

A special edition of CPR started the day today.  We shared about our spring break experiences.  We then did a read through of the play.  Followed by looking over the outline of the poetry unit. An acrostic, catalogue and clerihew will be due on Friday.   Before recess we started a new read aloud, the Terrible Two.  After recess, was going to be spent doing research for our science fair. However, everything was turned off and unplugged for the break, no laptops.  Instead we listened to an account of Capain Cook’s encounter with the Nootka people.  We also heard kids writing about First People’s encounters with Euopean explorers.  Review of the outline for the explorer’s journal entry assignment. Due date is dependent on research time and how well it is used by the students.  After lunch we talked about examples of fractions, decimals and percents.  We then talked about the relationship between the three. PE ended the day.  The kids played a whole class game of capture the flag.


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