Tuesday, January 6

From the day plan for the TTOC. CPR started the day today. In Language Arts, we read the story Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog and then did the making connections, retell and rethink, questioning, setting map new words and illustrator together. (These will be the basis for our liteature circles.) We then read the story Waiting is Not Easy. Students were then to complete these same sheets for Friday. Read aloud was before recess. After recess, in PE, students worked on their dribbling and passing in Basketball. In HACE, students worked on 5 Goals for 2015. 5 books they want to read, 4 places they want to see/go, 3 things they want to do, 2 things they want to learn and 1 thing they want to change. After lunch, was a timed division drill. Grade fours and fives then worked on 2 digit by 1 digit division and the sixes continued with decmimal division. They ended the day conducting a static electrciity experiment in Science.


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