Monday, November 3

Today we started the day in the music room where we went over the song that the whole school will be singing on Friday for the Remembrance Day Assembly, Peaceful World. When we returned to class the kids worked on making big words, these words will need to be done for Thursday. In Language Arts, we read the story Souper Chicken as a way to introduce Reading Eight sheets. The students will complete their own Reading Eight sheet for a novel they are reading for next Wednesday! Read aloud was before recess. After recess, we returned to our buddy class where we completed our pictures for the Remembrance Day Assembly. (there are a few students that are not finished, I have asked that they not take the work home as it may become wrinkled, students must complete this in class tomorrow. ) In Math, after lunch, the students were informed of their upcoming place value test on Wednesday. Then the fours worked with two digit subtraction, the fives with four and five digit subtraction and the sixes with decimal subtraction. We ended the day with a representative from Hub Cycle coming to talk to the kids about bike safety. Next Thursday, November 13, the kids are asked to bring a helmet and their bikes to school. We also need four adults volunteers to help with the stations!


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