Thursday, October 16

I am truly sorry for the lack of updates and maybe i will have to give up my password or get the TOC to email what happened during the day so I can update the blog. I have been off with pneumonia. I have a few more days to go with my antibiotics but I couldn’t handle not knowing what is going on with kids anymore.

We started the day with DPA and then we had CPR. Today was the last day I will lead it next week the grade sixes will take over followed by the fives and then the fours. In Language Arts, we started our Alphabet Advice writing piece Read aloud was before recess. After recess, students either worked on completing their Know Wonder Learn sheet for Canada’s involvement in D-Day (if not finished now for homework.) Plus students should also have completed their letters about their experiences in the war either from a soldiers or child’s perspective. (There are only a few students that have not completed this assignment.) After lunch, the grade fours worked with base ten blocks describing numbers, the fives with expanded notation and the sixes with rounding place value concepts. The students ended their day with French.


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