Thursday, June 27

Wishing everyone a safe, restful and enjoyable summer break! Take time to enjoy the sun! Remember your sunscreen, water and a fan for the weekend’s heat advisory!
We started the morning handing out memory books, DVDs and ribbons (from SEAS). Students then had time to write in each other’s memory books. We then did the write on your back activity before heading out to an early recess. After recess was the final year end assembly. Students whose parents were there then left. The afternoon, saw some in the library for a video and others helping to clean up the gym.


4 thoughts on “Thursday, June 27

  1. H. Alexander says:

    Thank you, Mr. Stumpf, for keeping parents in the loop with your daily blog. It was much appreciated. Have a great summer too!

    • mountainview2 says:

      Happy Canada Day! I think I might quote you in the start of September’s newsletter. I really believe it is an important part of communication between the school and parents!

    • mountainview2 says:

      Happy Canada Day! Thanks for the kind words, I think I will try to highlight them for the September newsletter!

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