Monday, June 10

Reminder: If you didn’t bring your Cultus Lake form please do so tomorrow.
PE started our day today. We played Superman and then a couple of quick games of basketball. When we got back to class we settled in and the students got to work on their math test. If the students finished early I asked them to work on their vocabulary assignment due tomorrow. Read aloud was before recess. After recess, we had a whole group camp meeting and then there was a little more time to work on their novel study ahead of lunch. After lunch, we talked briefly about the NED assembly tomorrow and then started the art project presentations. We did not get through them all but we will tomorrow. Once all the presentations are complete we will have the students display them on their desks to do a gallery walk. The ones that were done today looked fabulous. The students ended the day with an activity with Madame Dycus in the lab.


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