Thursday, May 16

DPA and CPR started our day today. We then read the story Bridget’s Beret. We then went over the outline for the famous artists’ assignment. This will be due on Monday, June 10. We then started going over the parts of the microscope and the safe handling of the microscope. We will have a little quiz early next week that the kids must pass in order to use the microscopes. The students were then off to French. After recess, we finished going over the parts of the microscope and then we did math4today and then the students started work on their sheets on comparing fractions for the fours, and equivalent fractions for the fives and sixes. They will have more time to work on this on Tuesday. After lunch, the students had time to work on their “So you think it’s easy being…” writing piece or their reading responses. We then headed to the gym for PE where we treated to a wonderful presentation from Baseball BC where the students got to run the bases, catch, pitch and hit the baseball. We ended the day with a little time to do some government research.


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