Tuesday, April 16

The Science of Fun people were in to give us our Silly Cell Workshop today. (If you have sent your $7 please do so as soon as possible.) It was educational and fun. Hopefully everyone had their DNA models (licorice and marshmallows) to show and they were not consumed prior to arrival at home. Read aloud was before recess. We finished Because of Mr. Terupt and now have started the sequel, Mr. Terupt Falls Again. After recess, we had CPR, then the students shared their five senses poem and then we went over the format for writing a Haiku in Language Arts. The grade fours are to write two, the fives three, and the sixes are to write four for Friday. After lunch, we talked about different forms of government. oligarchy, theocracy, single-party and democracy. The students will be doing a brief assignment on government starting on Thursday. Students then had time to do some work while we did a rehearsal of the plays. Just one week and a day til our first performance.

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