Monday, April 8

PE started our day today. We continued with square dancing. When we got back to class we did our math4today and then the fours worked on even/equal probability problems, the fives on the concept of impossible, likely, equally likely and certain in relation to probability. The sixes worked on recording a variety of probabilities given various scenarios. Read aloud was before recess. After recess, in Language Arts, the students shared their cinquains. We then went over the poetry response sheet that students need to complete for May 1st. We then looked at the poem of the week which is an alphabet alliteration poem. (Awesome apples, brilliant bananas, crunchy carrots, etc; on any subject of their choosing. these will be due on Friday. After lunch, the students were asked to come up with a national anthem (they also had a fill in the blank form if they so desired) and passport for their countries. They also had time to complete their science topic outlines due tomorrow. Students will present their flags, anthems and passports to the class on Friday. All through Language Arts time and part of Cultural Studies the students rehearsed their play.


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