Thursday, April 4

CPR started our day today. In PE today we started a square dancing unit. The students were then off to French when we got back to class. After recess, in math, we did our math4today and then the students completed various sheets on outcomes depending on their grade level. After lunch, we did a read through of the plays while students did research for their science projects. Students had time to work on their commercial for HACE that is due next Thursday.


2 thoughts on “Thursday, April 4

  1. Robyn says:

    Micky has just approached me, regarding some commercial that he says is due tomorrow. It looks like it is due next Thursday according to your web blog. Perhaps he was away when this was handed out? He says he doesn’t know what is expected and has been unable to get help from friends. He also stated you were too busy. I told him you would never be too busy to answer questions, but he is still feeling distraught. Please advise him what is required and I will do my best to help him get it in on time.

    • mountainview2 says:

      Thanks for checking. I talked with him the other day and checked in with him today. He seems to have things in order for his Blueberry Bites. I also reaffirmed your message about being available.
      Sorry for not replying sooner but the computer I was using had a huge crack in it and I could not see the reply button on the screen.

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