Tuesday, November 20

DPA and CPR started our day today. In Language Arts, students continued to work on their Sparkles clues. Read aloud was before recess. After recess, we did our Math4Today and then we talked a bit about multiples and then launched into our expansion art project. After lunch, we did the same thing as yesterday we alternated between using the IPads for research and doing the World 6 mapping sheet.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday, November 20

  1. H. Alexander says:

    Hi Tino – can you email me a basic outline of your expansion art project? (Only if it isn’t too painful) Hunter told me that you get the picture online, cut it out and paste it onto 1 cm grid paper. Then you trace the lines that should run thru the picture. The next step is measure and draw a grid on a much larger sheet of card stock (5 cm? 10 cm?), then draw the picture according to what portions are in what squares. Am I on the right track?



    • mountainview2 says:

      Helen, like I said to Hunter and Ms. Lopez today it’s been thirteen years that I have been doing it.I don’t really have a formal outline. Hunter is doing a great job of describing it. Perhaps if you can stop by some time I could just give you the stuff I use and walk you through it. However, like I said Hunter is doing a great job. (p.s. I know Harrison is keen on doing it too!)

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