Tuesday, November 13

DPA and CPR started our day today. We then had a discussion about some topics in class, like Sparkles the Elf; we then had read aloud before heading to the gym for a Vancouver Giants’ Assembly. After recess, we did Math4Today and then we looked at factors and how they relate to prime and composite numbers. We did go a little off course by talking about King Tut. After lunch, the students headed to the lab where they were to look to see whether there was any information available about their chosen endangered species. When we got back to class we talked again about note taking and setting up several different sheets with the headings of habitat, why is it endangered, etc. (Just like the sample we did in class) . Students were also given a sheet that tells them how to access the World Book and other encyclopedias online through the district. We also discussed a search engine for kids that can be found at http://www.kidrex.org. We ended the day working on sheet 4 of our look at world mapping.


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