Tuesday, November 6

DPA and CPR started our day today. We then did another rehearsal for the Remembrance Day assembly. While we were rehearsing students worked on finishing their remembrance posters ahead of tomorrow’s due date or they were working on their final draft of their Secret Knowledge stories due on Thursday. After recess, students wrote their Math4today test. We then looked at pictographs, line graphs and bar graphs. Students then started to develop their own questions that they could have answered by conducting a survey. Tomorrow in class they will start to create their own graphs with the information they have gathered. After lunch, we finished recording our notes from our highlighting. We then converted those notes into paragraphs about habitats and why the leather back sea turtles are endangered. I then asked them to answer the question about what can be done to ensure the leatherback sea turtle population does not continue to decrease, especially in the Pacific. Students were asked to start to think about what endangered animal they will select for their upcoming project. The outline will go home on Thursday or next Tuesday.


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