Wednesday, September 5

We started to day by reading the story “First Day Jitters.” I’m sure that we all had some nervousness more or less. We then had CPR. No not the life saving kind it is an acronym for Circle of Power and Respect. It starts with a greeting followed by sharing and a game; it ends with a current event. In the future each student will be responsible for leading CPR. This will start with the grade sixes toward the end of September. Afterward we had desk selection and went on a quick orientation tour of the school grounds. The students then started hook selections. After recess the students finished their hook selections and started to move some of their supplies into the classroom. Again not all supplies need to be sent in the students will need a binder, their dividers and a pencil over the next couple of days. We then looked at and assigned classroom jobs. We also looked over the code of conduct. After lunch, we played a game called two truths and a lie. The students then wrote down three rules that they felt worked well in other classes in the past. It was then time for agendas and clean-up and then we headed out for playground practice. It was a very full day especially for some that maybe are still staying up at summer bed times.


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