Thursday, June 21

THIS IS REMINDER CENTRAL! If you have a ticket please make sure that you meet us at the gate at Cultus Lake before 10:00 a.m. If you are coming to school and taking the bus please ensure that you are on time!
ALSO FOR MONDAY: Remember it is our class BBQ and therefore you do not need to bring a lunch on Monday. Let’s hope for some good weather! Regardless we will have a BBQ!
This morning started with our last PE class of this year… we played California Kickball. After the kids were off to French. When they returned to class we heard from the grade seven students both for their socials and any outstanding leaving ceremony speeches. There are still a few holdouts and next Wednesday is fast approaching. After recess, the sevens were off to a rehearsal and the fives and sixes went up to tell about what they had learned about their global issue. They then did a re-enactment of yesterday’s Once-Ler trial. It was thoroughly entertaining. After lunch, we had a presentation from the public library on their summer reading program. It looks really good with a lot of prizes and programs being offered. We ended the day with our last buddy class of the year and we had our class buddy list word search and ice cream social.


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