Tuesday – Friday; May 22-25

Sorry for the lack of updates I was away sick. Tuesday was mostly the usual with self selected work time being the dominant feature of the day. Especially with the paper bag book reports due on Wednesday and the sevens with their teacher for a lesson due on Wednesday. This is without the other assignments that were due in next week like the government assignment in socials and the debate in science for the fives and sixes.
On Wednesday, the students had a presentation from SWAP during between recess and lunch. The students also did their presentations for the paper bag book reports, however, the teacher on call did not complete the evaluations so today we set about redoing many of the presenations, I apologize for the inconvienence, however it is out of my control and many of the kids did not object to having to do it again.
On Thursday, there was more self selected work time even though the grade sevens should have been doing their presentations. The outline for the independent novel study was also handed out on Thursday with the first part being due on Wednesday, although since they did not get the outline on Wednesday I will probably move the due date to Thursday.
Today was catch up day with listening to all the presentations from Wednesday.
Have a restful weekend and we will see you all on Tuesday!


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