Wednesday, May 16

Correction on yesterday’s entry. The HACE did not start as scheduled so the TOC did an art lesson with the students. Today started with DPA and then we did two of the “Are you Normal?” quizzes. Students then had some self selected work time. I did go into a bit more detail about the debate for the fives and sixes and I also handed out the outline for the final science project for the sevens. The due date is split into two separate dates one that I am going to change tomorrow…so the first due date is the 4th of June and the second is the 21 st. We then finished our read aloud novel; that means we will have to watch the movie soon and do a comparison. After recess, the students had self selected work time. After lunch, the sevens were off to band and the fives and sixes did a quick practice test ahead of the math test for all grades. We ended the day with self selected work time.


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