Monday, May 7

An assembly started our day today. We saw some really wonderful performances. When we returned to class we did the first of ten fun quizzes to determine whether you are “normal.” After recess, we finished going over the weekly assignments. The fives and sixes are looking at treaties across Canada; due next Tuesday. in science they have started their look at renewable and non-renewable resources by completing a cookie mining activitiy in the afternoon. The sevens received their teacher for a lesson assignmen this will be due on Wednesday May 23rd and started the Snickers’ plate tech tonics activity as an introduction to science. All students received their math and the final poetry assignment. Students had to make three lists, abstract nouns, adjectives and concrete nouns and then draw one from each list to make their new poem. Students then had a little self selected work time. After lunch, in PE, the students either played frisbee or badminton. We ended the day with fives and sixes doing cookie mining and the sevens had a presentation from PSST.


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