Monday, February 13

Reminder: Rice Krispies sale tomorrow… remember 80% of our funds raised will go to help a very needy family at the school. (Sevens don`t forget to make them up!)
An assembly started the day today. When we returned I went over the assignments for the week and reminded students of the ongoing ones too! Like the native legends for the fives and sixes and the Trojan War one for the sevens.
New things for this week include… a maze using proper quotations for language arts; a calendar caper for math in addition, no pun intended, to the regular math for the week. A test is in the wind for next week too! We also went over the outline for the career exploration activity that will be due on March 1st. Lesson four on parallel circuits and the acids, base, pH for their respective grades will also be due on the 23rd.
Read aloud was before recess and we are getting to a really good part in the story.. After recess, the students had self selected work time and some of the sevens had a Rice Krispie making demo. After lunch, was PE and we ended our basketball unit today. We ended the day with self selected work time.


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