Tuesday, February 7

An update: sorry for no recent blog updates. However, when I am off the TOC has the classroom and I am not always sure what they are doing with the kids.
In Language Arts, the students should be finishing their novels for literature circles tomorrow. Plus their roles, of course. Their is no other language activity as we are not here on Friday. In Math, the students only have their weekly assignments . In Science, the students said that the TOC was not very helpful with some of the experiments so I moved the first electricity sheet, lesson 2 for the fives and sixes, to this Thursday. For the new sheet, lesson three, it will be due next Thursday the 16th. The sevens should have their mixture/solutions sheet for Thursday. In Socials/Language Arts, the fives and sixes have their Aboriginal legends assignment, including their summaries, comparision, and their own legends for the 16th. The sevens are looking at the story of the Trojan Horse and their assignment is due next Tuesday.
I hope that clears things up.
As for today, we started with DPA and CPR and then had a whole day of self selected work time. I really hope the kids realize how valuable this time is for completing all their assignments!


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