Thursday, December 15

Read aloud started the day today. I was hoping to finish our novel before the break but it is now looking a little dicey. We then headed down to the kindergarten classroom to finish making our gingerbread. What a wonderful tradition we have, I know there are students this year that were in Mrs. Murphy’s class when they were in kindergarten and we made gingerbread when they were there too! After recess, I continued my nostalgia when I realized that as we were doing our last class of Sparkles that for some this would be the last time for them doing that too! Where does the time go? When we returned to the classroom it was time to heat things up and get dishes set up for it was time for our potluck. Wow! The variety and tastiness of the food was outstanding. After first making a trip to the main course table the students were off to the dessert table. There too was quite a selection of tasty treats. We also had some extra gingerbread that we iced this morning, yum! We ended the day watching a movie and i think we bellies full and good company the movie seemed that much more entertaining. Thank-you all for a wonderful day!


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