Tuesday, November 1

Reminder: Water Polo notices must be back by Thursday!
DPA and CPR started our day today. After explanations for this weeks assignments including Making Big Words, due Friday; Gizmos on the circulatory system for the fives and sixes and one on the food chains for the sevens, all due Nov. 10; a look at iron tools for the sevens and chapter four activities for the fives and sixes all due on the 10th too but I will see how much time the students have to work on this and I may adjust the due date for socials. Weekly math will be due next Monday and don’t forget the chapter test is tomorrow and daily math is due on Friday.
The students then heard two war related stories entitled The Soldier’s Sang and I Will Come Back for You. After recess we then started a look at Beaumont Hamel and the Battle of the Somme. After lunch, the students wrote a practice test for math and then had some self selected work time to end the day.


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