Tuesday, September 27

Reminder: The Terry Fox Run is tomorrow. Please dress for the weather and bring a water bottle. Also a $1 or $2 coin for the Canadian Cancer Society.
C is for cookie that’s good enough for me! We had a cookie delivery this morning and they provided a nice recess snack. Thanks!
DPA and CPR got the day underway. We then looked at the shape of the week.
In Language Arts, the students have to identfy the nouns and proper nouns in a paragraph due on Monday. Also, because it is a short week we will be doing Making Big Words. In Math, the students have their daily math plus their weekly assignments. Note: there will be a chapter test next week. In Socials, the fives and sixes have a mapping activity about BC due Tuesday  and the sevens are working on an activity regarding Mini Humans also due on Tuesday. They can also check out a Skull Comparison simulation on Gizmos. In Science, the fives and sixes started work on sheets about the digestive system due Wed. Oct 5 and we will assemble our models next week. The sevens did an activity on mark and recapture and the questions that go with it will be due next Monday. The students then had self selected work time before recess. After recess, the sevens worked on their science activity and the others had more self selected work time. After lunch, we discussed “sources” for research work. We then looked at some notetaing for the three sources that I gathered for my mystery topic. The students are now to find three different sources for their mystery topic for next Monday. We ended the day with a little more self selected work time.


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