Thursday January 20

DPA and class meeting started our day today. The students were then off to French followed by book exchange and silent reading. After recess, the kids wrote their math tests. After lunch, Ms. Butler did a wonderful lesson about the history of the flag of Surrey or rather the lack of flag and then she challenged the buddies to come up with their own flag of Surrey. We ended the day with time for one light and sound experiment in Science.


3 thoughts on “Thursday January 20

  1. Mrs Alexander says:

    Hello Mr Stumpf: Any suggestions what costume a student teacher could safely wear to a private Catholic school that represents a story book, movie, or tv character because of school’s Spirit Week? Stop laughing. My kids have given me various suggestions…mostly innapropriate… Mother Goose, perhaps? Are characters from Harry Potter ok?

    Many thanks,
    Mrs Alexander

    • mountainview5 says:

      What are you doing at a Catholic private school? Some early suggestions are Ms Frizzle (Magic School Bus), depending on the age… Amelia Bedilia, Cat in the Hat…tongue in cheek Where the Wild Things Are… but I would be reluctant to go the Harry Potter book route as I remember reading an article in the BC Catholic about not reading Harry Potter.
      Hope this helps, good luck.

      • Mrs Alexander says:

        Snort. OK – thanks – we are exploring alternative schools that we are unfamiliar with next week as part of our 401/402…Today we went wall climbing (yes, I know, good fodder for puns). I figured Our Lady of Good Counsel was nice and close, plus what do I know about a private RC school? Nix. So Ich will gehen und etwas lernen.

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