Thursday, June 29

Today was our last day of school together for the 2016/2017 school year. We started the day with people going through their time capsules. It was really interesting to see how much some of them have grown (both physically, emotionally and intellectually.) We then did our appreciation circle. We then headed to the gym for our year end assembly. It was a long one but memorable one especially for the good-bye songs for Mr. Morrison and Mrs. Murphy. We then handed out the play DVDs and the scrolls. We then had lunch combined with recess before having our final Circle of Power and Respect for the year. It was nice to hear everyone’s plans for the summer.

Speaking of summer… i wish everyone a safe and relaxing summer. I can’t wait to hear all about your summer when we meet up again in September. (Hopefully the change isn’t too chaotic come September, but we will cross that bridge when we get to it. Have fun and be safe!

Wednesday, June 28

Reminder: Tomorrow is the last day of school and it is an early dismissal day. Dismissal is at 1:30 p.m.

The students started the day in French class and then when they returned to class they finished their ties and then started to clean their desks. After recess, those that were finished their desks started cleaning the shelves in the room before our early lunch time. In the afternoon, the students attended the Grade Seven Leaving Ceremony.

Tuesday, June 27

Please remember to bring a bag tomorrow to pack things for home. (Cleaning time!)

We started the day with songs practice in the music room with Division Four. When we returned to class we did our Circle of Power and Respect. I then did a check in with various parts of people’s independent novel studies. We then did our encouragement speeches. After recess, we headed down to the park for our annual class BBQ. A good time was had by all. When we returned to the school we had our final buddy class where we enjoyed an ice cream sandwich and played the game “Greed.”

Monday, June 26

Reminder: Don’t bring a lunch tomorrow! It’s the class BBQ at Lionel Corchaine Park. To celebrate a great year!

Remember your encouragement speech is due tomorrow too!

We started the day with our class meeting. It gave me an opportunity to discuss the shape of the week. Students that were finished their independent novel study work played their games and showed their parts A and B to others that were also done. Students that were not finished worked on doing just that… finishing their work! We also did our Albanesi reports. The same happened again after recess. After lunch, we played soccer outside for PE. We ended the day with the students having time to write their encouragement speeches.

Thursday, June 22

Monday-Wednesday we were at Evans Lake! A great time was had by all! Lots of new experiences and memories were made!

Reminder: Don’t forget your bathing suit and towel! If you’re driving on your own see you there. Don’t forget your “Mountainview Tickets” to exchange for tickets at the park!

Daily Physical Activity and Circle of Power and Respect started our day today. Students then worked on their section of Geometrocity (if unfinished), their independent novel study (due Monday!) their tie, their scroll writing and if all complete they read!

Friday, June 16

Reminder: Please be on time for going to camp on Monday. We would like the bus to be pulling out on time.

Today was Sports Day. In the morning we started with cheers in the gym. Students then did stations in the morning and in the afternoon we did whole school toilet paper wrap and the over/under water relay. A good time was had by all!