Tuesday, September 19

Daily Physical Activity (DPA) and Circle of Power and Respect (CPR) started our day today. We then went over the answers for the Who?What? When? etc for the Cassini article. I then read the story the Long, Long Letter and students wrote their first letter. Read aloud was before recess. After recess, we did an alphanumeric activity involving the names in our families. After lunch, we finished reading the Joey story from No Time to Say Goodbye. We completed a Venn looking at Joey and Stumpy’s experience at residential school vs Auntie Phylis and Uncle Willie. We ended the day in Buddies where Ms. Butler read the story Math Curse and then students worked on a back pack glyph. I have asked that they take them home; please see the legend below. IMG_2197


Monday, September 18

A class meeting started our day today. Students that are new to our division then worked  on an Albanesi assessment and former students worked with number puzzles. All students worked on creating a marker card to be used with the Albanesi cards. If these are not complete, please finish for homework. Read aloud was before recess. After recess, we started a look at SMART goals. We looked at the S- Specific and M-Measurable today. We then headed to the gym for our first PE class. We played a tag game called Streets and Alleys. After lunch, we continued our Listen-Draw-Draft using the Joey story from No Time to Say Good. We ended the day looking at a graphic organizer that we will be using for current events. (Circle of Power and Respect.) The story that we did together was about the Hurricanes. The story that the students were to do on their own was about the Cassini Space Probe. (Both stories are from Teaching Kids News website but students can use any news source for their current events. (CBC, CKNW, Global, etc.))

Friday, September 15

We started the day with book exchange. The kids then had some time to read their selections. We then were off to buddies for the first time this year. Today was International Dot Day so we read the story The Dot by Peter Reynolds and then did buddy dots. One half of the display will be in Ms. Butler’s room the other half is outside our classroom. Read aloud was before recess. After recess, the kids were off to French class. After lunch, we did our first appreciation circle of the year followed by the Terry Fox Run. (Keep those donations coming!) Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 14

Remember tomorrow is our Terry Fox Run. Bring a water bottle, sunscreen and proper footwear. Tomorrow is $2.00 for Terry. Please keep those student information packages coming.

We started our day with the Circle of Power and Respect. Students then worked on their Getting to Know You Forms and their final drafts of their memory object pieces based on Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge. Read aloud was before recess. After recess, we did our daily physical activity followed by some more Splat math. After lunch, I read from the story No Time to Say Goodbye (The story from Joey’s perspective). Students worked on a listen-sketch-draft form while I read. The students ended their day in French class.

Wednesday, September 13

Reminders: Open House: Tomorrow 6:30-7:30. Bring $1.00 for Terry Fox. Planner $2. Student information packages; please send back as soon as possible, thanks!

When the students walked in and I took their pictures for the wall right away. We then headed to the gym for our first assembly. When we returned to class we revised our Motto to Be Happy, Be Kind, Be Respectful. Students then came up with ideas of how they show that inside and outside of the class. Read aloud was before recess. After recess, we had our first class meeting. (Haunted House is a go! Sparkles the Elf is a go! Our first pot luck will be in November… date to come!) I then shared my class letter with the students. After lunch, we started to sort supplies and then students worked on their shoes for Terry Fox.

Tuesday, September 12

We started the day with the Circle of Power and Respect. We then read the story Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge. Students were then asked to write about an object and the memory associated with that object. Read aloud was before recess. After recess, we did Daily Physical Activity (DPA). Students then worked on the borders for our bulletin boards. After lunch, students shared out something they learned about their in-class buddies. We then looked at rules and developing a motto for our class. The majority voted for the following… “Be Happy, Be Kind, Be Nice, Be Respectful!” We then did some Splat Math to end the day before I talked about their Division Five Survival Kits.

Monday, September 11

Welcome Back!  Today we started with the Circle of Power and Respect (CPR). (Greeting, followed by sharing, followed by a game and ending with a current event.) Students then worked on their name tags for their coat hooks and desks. We then selected our read aloud novel, the Breadwinner. After recess, we watched a brief video 9/11 Video and discussed the events of 9/11 and read a story called The Man that Walked Between the Towers. After lunch, we shared out one thing that people found out about those sitting around them. We then played Two Truths and a Lie. We then had a question and answer session about the class. We ended the day doing a math activity.  IMG_2144