Friday, December 15

Remember: Signed copy of the single page with the report card cover to be returned for second term use!

We started the day with book exchange. We then did a quick run through of Bob the Goofy Reindeer before we did Sparkles for Division 14 and 10. After recess, the kids were off to French. They ended their day in the gym with Elf as a treat from PAC for the Entertainment Book fundraiser.


Thursday, December 14

Reminder: is the first of two pyjama days. (Tomorrow’s is unofficial and next Friday’s Pancake Day is the official one!)

We started the day with Circle of Power and Respect. We then did Math4today Week 7 Day 4 and then the kids worked on their Albanesi cards. After recess, we worked out the passing of the microphone and then we did a run through. We then did Sparkles for Division 13. After lunch, we waited awhile for the people involved with the rehearsal to return to class and then we had the rest of the passion project on Scratch and then one on chocolate before we headed to the gym for the sing along.

Wednesday, December 13

We started the day with some visual arts; we started work on our First Nations inspired Christmas trees. We then did Sparkles for Division 15 and then worked some more on our First Nations art. Secret Santa inventories were handed out for those who wanted to participate. (Let’s say that next Wednesday is the deadline for returning the gifts in case there are any forgotten ones… then we can do the actual opening on the last day.) After recess, we did reflections on our Sto:lo field trip. (if not finished please get done for Friday!) After lunch, the students shared the Legend of the Salmon People with their buddies. We then read If You Give a Mouse a Brownie, played a game associated with the book while of course eating brownies and ice cream. We ended the day with passion project presentations on Sonic, Tigers, Ariana Grande, Soccer Players and one was started on Scratch. (We will hear the rest of it tomorrow!)

Tuesday, December 12

Today was our field trip to the Sto:lo longhouse in Chilliwack. We started with a traditional greeting song and then we heard a legend of the man that was turned into a cedar tree and got to weave a cedar bracelet. We then went into one of three stations where we heard another legend (about Mount Cheam) and then did some drumming/dancing and a visit to the interpretative centre (learned  more about cedar and its uses) and visit to the main building where we saw some of the tools that were once used.  We then returned to the longhouse where we had bannock (fried bread not fried bear as one student misheard.) We then were treated to another legend about the Sockeye people and a closing traditional song. All in all a fantastic field trip!

Monday, December 11

Tomorrow is our Sto:lo field trip please dress for the weather and don’t forget to bring your lunch.

We started our day with our class meeting. We then did Math4today and there was a little time to work on Albanesi cards before we headed to the gym to do a sing along practice for Thursday’s sing along. After recess, the students completed a what happens next in the circulatory system page in the Heart Smart book. We then headed back to the gym where we played sledge hockey for PE. After lunch, we had our first Sparkles the Elf. Division 12 was so excited they were hard to keep contained. We then returned to class where students worked on a term 1 reflection and then we did a practice of Bob the Goofy Reindeer.

Friday, December 8

We started the day with some shopping from the Young Entrepreneurs stores/stations. From there we went straight to book exchange. Then it was off to the gym where we played sledge hockey again for PE. After recess, the kids were off to French. In the afternoon, we did our appreciation circle. We then did a run through for Sparkles the Elf; division 12 is up first on Monday. We ended the day with some time for Maker Space.

Thursday, December 7

We started the day Circle of Power and Respect. Some students then finished their Sparkles clues while others did Math4today and their Albanesi cards. Read aloud was before recess. After recess, the students had an opportunity to work on their passion projects. While the due date for them is next week; it is a soft due date because it is supposed to be the student’s passion when they finish their project they are finished their project. Sometimes this means that they continue to work on the same project next term. After lunch, I handed out a Secret Santa inventory. One of the things that the kids voted to do was a Secret Santa. The gift was to be homemade or if store bought to a maximum of $15. Please let you child know if this is something that they can participate in. We then went to the preview for the young entrepreneurs program. The students are selling items from $ .25 to $4.00. We will be shopping tomorrow morning. We then did our daily physical activity and a read through of Bob The Goofy Reindeer. The students ended their day in French class.