Friday, April 28

Daily physical activity started our day today. We then did our appreciation circle. Afterward we shared our haibun and rounds with the class. Students then started a poetry reflection. Read aloud was before recess. After recess, we did a read/sing through of our play. After lunch was the Parent Tea assembly. Thank you for all you do to help our school! Thank-you!

Thursday, April 27

Be sure to join us tomorrow afternoon for the parent tea.

Circle of Power and Respect started the day today. We then were off to the theatre to see Born in China. It was a great movie but there was a sad part to “the circle of life.” Don’t get too attached to any animal if you do go to see it. I gave it 4 stars/ a 9 out of 10. When we returned the kids worked on a Born in China reflection and then either their poems that are due tomorrow or their literature circle reading or roles that are due on Tuesday. We also snuck in a practice of all nine songs. Lots of singing loudly; I hope this transfers well. The students ended the day in French class.

Wednesday, April 26

Reminder: Swimming field trip forms are due next Wednesday

The kids started the day off in French class where they were handing in their projects. Students then could work on their literature circle reading/roles or their poems or their Aztec suns. Read aloud was before recess. After recess, it was more of the same with the exception that people could work on their Albanesi cards if they were finished everything. After lunch, students had time to work on their science fair projects. (Only one more week until they are due.) We ended the day talking about some of the more challenging/confusing words from the play.

Tuesday, April 25

Reminder: French project is due tomorrow.

Circle of Power and Respect started our day today. The students went into their literature circle groups to do their roles and start work on next weeks reading and roles (due next Tuesday. ) We then practiced three songs before read aloud. After recess, we practiced three more songs and then students worked on their invitations for the student led conferences next week. (They should finish and deliver those to you this evening. Please register at Student Led. We then headed to the gym where we played king’s court badminton for our final badminton class. After lunch, students had time to work on their passion projects. We ended the day by practicing three more songs and then some of the students finished their invitations or worked on their Albanesi cards.

Monday, April 24

Reminders: Please return the form that indicates whether you will be returning to the school next year as quickly as possible. Thanks!

Lit. Circle Round II due tomorrow. Encouragement Speeches Round II due May 12th. Know Lines and Songs for the play by May 17th. Haibun and Rounds due Friday.

Our class meeting started the day today. We then listened to three songs and then students did the Math4today test and then worked on their Albanesi cards. Read aloud was before recess. After recess, we listened to three more songs and then I talked about the sonnet (students do not have to write one) and we talked/sand some rounds. Students do not have to write an entire round but it would be nice if they did. After lunch, we did our second last class of badminton. We ended the day with time for students to work on their science projects. (Due: Wednesday, May 3rd; and that is fast approaching!)

Friday, April 21

Our Earth Day Assembly started our day today. The kids did a great job with the song! We then did book exchange and Daily Physical Activity. We then started the Pluto story from Auggie and Me: Wonder Stories. After recess, we talked about the Haibun. We then did a quick walk down to the park where we sat and observed nature. Some students selected another moment about nature in their lives and that was fine too. We then started appreciation circle before lunch. After lunch, we finished appreciation circle and then we did some additions to our script. We ended the day doing our first read through of the play.

Thursday, April 20

Wear green or blue for Earth Day tomorrow! Very important notice home today. Please note that the class organization is based on our projected student numbers that we have received from the district. Our actual numbers in September I’m sure will be different and we will not have to do this particular organization and stay true to the Montessori philosophy.  This is a good thing, the restored contract language will mean smaller class sizes and more help for all of our students. Please return the form that was attached on that notice.

Daily Physical Activity and Circle of Power and Respect started our day today. Students then worked on their literature circles for next week or their Aztec suns while we continued with auditions. We finished the Julian Chapter in the Auggie Stories book before recess and the kids voted to continue with the Auggie stories for read aloud. After recess, the kids worked on Math4today and their Albanesi cards while we finished auditions. The casting is now complete for our play; like I said before keep June 1st free on your calendars. After lunch, we did our song practice for the assembly tomorrow. We then discussed the notice that was going home before the kids were off to French class where the students ended their day.