Wednesday, May 23

Our Grandfather Teaching Assembly on Love started our day today. The kids did a fantastic job! We then finished our rehearsal of the play from yesterday. We then reviewed the steps in making a law. Read aloud was before recess. After recess, we reviewed geometric shapes, looked at perimeter and started to look at area. After lunch, students had time to work on their independent novel activity one that is due tomorrow. We then did our Daily Physical Activity before heading to the gym to be an audience for the drama club.


Tuesday, May 22

Reminder: we are performing at the Grandfather Teaching Assembly on Love tomorrow at 9:00 a.m.

Daily Physical Activity started our day today. We then had a read through of what the assembly would look like tomorrow. We then discussed raising funds with our drama performance next Thursday. We will be collecting non-perishable food items for the food bank and funds will go to the Canadian Cancer Society. Angles were our focus in Math and French was just before recess. After recess, we read the parliamentary players profiles on Nellie Cashman and Matthew Begbie. The kids want to head up the street to check out St. Joseph’s Hospital. We then looked at how a Bill becomes a Law in B.C. After lunch, we practiced for our assembly in the gym and did an in-class rehearsal of our play when we returned to class.

Friday, May 18

Wishing everyone an enjoyable and restful long weekend! (Don’t get up too early to watch the wedding!)

Book exchange and silent reading started our day today. We then headed to the gym to practice for the Love assembly next Wednesday morning (that was interrupted by an earthquake drill.) After recess, the kids were off to French. In the afternoon, we had our appreciation circle, kids completed their weekly reflections and then either worked on finishing up their posters or maker space time.

Thursday, May 17

We started the day with the students having time to work on their posters for the Love assembly. We then continued with our look at geometry with lines. Read aloud was before recess. After recess, in buddies, we practiced our song and then worked on trying to complete as many posters as possible. After lunch, the grade six students were off for transition day and the grade threes from our buddy class joined us for the afternoon. After sharing what we had done for passion time projects so far this year the grade threes then had time to research something that they were passionate about. We ended with a quick round of sharing what they found out before we did our Daily Physical Activity and the students were off to French class.

Wednesday, May 16

Circle of Power and Respect started our day today.  We then did a read through of the play.  Read aloud was before recess.  After recess, we talked about polygons in Math.  After lunch, students were working on their posters for next week’s Love assembly.  We ended with a song practice.

Monday, May 14

Reminder: Please be on time tomorrow….. remember your bag lunch, water and sunscreen for the trip to Playland tomorrow.

Class meeting started our day today. We then did a practice of our play. (There are still many students that have not memorized their lines. We perform in just over two weeks and they need to learn their lines!) Read aloud was before recess. After recess, the grade sixes went to a band presentation and the fours and fives worked on their posters for the Love assembly and then went outside to practice their ultimate disc throwing skills. After lunch, we read about Francis Rattenbury and Amor de Cosmos. The students ended the day selecting a novel for their second round of independent novel study.